Client Comments
Southwind Technologies
Specialists in Data Management
'Because you can give us exactly what we want. There are a lot of off the shelf packages that can be bought but they all tell you this is how we work and you have to fit into our mold. You have been able to build exactly what we needed.'
Since 1991 Southwind Technologies has been providing exactly what our customers want. Off the shelf packages can't always do everything you want them to do and more often than not contain a large number of features that you will never use.
In today's environment everyone is touching data. The key to managing your data is to make it as easy as possible for people to interact with it using a minimal amount of training and a wide variety of devices.
We can help you get control of your data. Whether it's figuring out how to track your business using something besides 64 spreadsheets or helping you determine what you can do with the software package you bought 10 years ago that no longer has a company around for support, enhancements or changes.